I’m 20 miles and 30 minutes into a weeklong stint with the 2025 Ram 1500, and I’m already forming some strong opinions. I still need more ingredients and copious amounts of stirring to see how it all bakes together, but I can tell you right now that I don’t miss the Hemi one teeny bit. Go ahead, send me your strongly-worded email about no replacement for displacement.

While you’re at it, ask me some questions about this supremely snazzy truck. This is a Limited trim, so I’ll be doing truck stuff while getting a back massage. With an as-tested price of $86,290, I’d expect nothing less. And it’s not even the range-topping model.

Thus far, the twin-turbocharged Hurricane 3.0-liter inline-six is the main focus of my attention. The high-output version in this truck makes 540 horsepower and 521 pound-feet of torque, going through an eight-speed automatic. Of course it’s fast, but it’s also shockingly smooth and quiet. You might say it’s the anti-Hemi; It still packs a serious punch but without the rumble or torque twist of a V-8. It’s a serene experience behind the wheel. Serene? From the company that built the Ram TRX? Yeah, I said it.

What’s Good So Far

  • Sublime engine. The only people who will miss the Hemi are those obsessed with a V-8 soundtrack. Power delivery is deliciously smooth and there’s plenty of it.
  • Excellent ride quality. Modern trucks have come a long way in regards to a comfortable ride, but the Ram impresses me with its ability to absorb big bumps. Sure, you feel it. But there’s little fanfare, similar to the Ram TRX or F-150 Raptor but without the big suspension travel.
  • Actually useful driver assists. Ram has its driver-assist tech nicely dialed in. Whether you’re hands-on with lane-keep assist on secondary roads or hands-free on the highway, there’s just enough leeway to take some stress out of the journey without the driver abusing the system. This is a tough balance to find, but Ram is holding the line.

What's Bad So Far?

  • Fuel economy. Gently coaxing the throttle, I’ve maintained 25 miles per gallon on flat, straight roads at 55 mph. However, the slightest hill plunges real-time mileage to single digits, and I’m currently averaging 19 mpg with mostly mild highway driving. That’s no better than the Hemi, and this engine requires premium fuel.
  • Busy interior. Despite the refresh for 2025, this is basically the same greenhouse that debuted back in 2019. It was handsome then and it still looks decent, albeit a bit dated. Stereo and climate controls are tactile buttons, but some features like seat heating/cooling are relegated to the touchscreen. Finding what you need can be distracting until you get used to it, and I’m not sure a week is enough time.
  • Expensive. It’s hard to imagine an $86,000 Ram not being the most expensive trim. While features like massaging seats are nice, it once again raises the question of how much is too much? You can get a Big Horn with the 420-hp version of the inline-six and most of the luxury features for around $57,000. Will my take on this shift as I spend more time in the Limited? I’m as curious as you are to find out.

I have the bulk of a long weekend ahead of me, celebrating America’s Independence Day with too many planned projects and not enough time to finish them. In my hands, this Ram Limited will shuffle family members to July 4 holiday parties, tow a load of mulch for some backyard landscaping, haul outdoorsy things in the bed—actual truck stuff. 

Thus far, I see no reason to doubt this pickup is up to the task, but don’t be surprised if my review nixes home improvement for a camping trip to the lake.

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