Friends, the end of summer is nearly upon us. Unofficially, the extended Labor Day holiday weekend in the States brings summer to a close. As such, it's also a time for automakers to take a pause ahead of all the activity planned for the fall. But there's still plenty to talk about in the world of motoring.

For starters, we finally know how much horsepower the new Honda Civic Type R has. In case you missed it, there are 315 ponies under the hood, a small bump from the previous generation but a bump nonetheless. Honda also released a plethora of new Type R images showing the hot hatch from all angles, and we learned a bit more about the (very) minor changes to the engine and six-speed manual transmission. Sadly, we still don't know performance figures, weight, or price.

Gallery: 2023 Honda Civic Type R

We don't know pricing for the new 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee either. But we do know the Super Bee is back for one last dance as Dodge wraps up production on the current-generation Charger and Challenger. It's the second of seven special edition "Last Call" models, and it's based on a Charger Scat Pack with the 485-hp 6.4-liter V8. Aside from special graphics and badging, Dodge mounts up street-legal drag radials so you can rip up the strip in your Super Bee straight from the factory.


Dodge's crosstown rival in Dearborn also made some news recently. You may have heard an all-new Ford Mustang is debuting soon, and Ford is throwing a big party to celebrate. Seriously, they dropped an open invitation for Mustang owners to descend on Ford's Dearborn headquarters ahead of the 8:00 PM debut on September 14. It's called The Stampede, and as of September 1, over 1,000 cars were registered for the fun. If you happen to be a Mustang owner and will be in Detroit in a couple of weeks, you can register online to join The Stampede. Be advised though – the registration is free and open, but Ford says it's first come first serve.

Or, if you're professional underachievers like Bruce and Smith, you might spend your time watching movies. We close out the podcast talking about some of our choice car flics, but with a twist. Obvious go-to films like the Fast saga, The Cannonball Run, or Smokey and the Bandit are not allowed. This encourages some deeper digging into the world of motoring cinema, with the co-hosts choosing three movies each.

What's your take on the Civic Type R? What other special edition Dodge models would you like to see before the Hemi disappears? Do you want to be anywhere near 1,000 Mustangs? And of course, we want to hear about your favorite car movies. Comment below, comment on our YouTube page, or send us an email:

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We still have some special guests in the pipeline, but holidays and back-to-school have schedules up in the air. We also have the North American International Auto Show just a couple of weeks away, and you know there will be some interesting activity to chat about there. Stay tuned!

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