Just 24 hours after hearing a rumor about the seventh-generation Ford Mustang debuting in September, the word is official. Ford has confirmed the 2024 Mustang will debut on September 14, and the gala is happening in the Motor City at the 2022 North American International Detroit Auto Show.

The news broke through social media courtesy of Ford CEO Jim Farley. Moreover, motoring purists have an additional reason to rejoice, as the Mustang will offer a six-speed manual transmission for swapping cogs the old-fashioned way. Note the #savethemanuals hashtag in his Twitter post.


In addition to a manual transmission, Ford has also confirmed a V8 engine will power the next-generation pony car. Our ears confirmed it earlier this year with spy video of a prototype emitting a burbling V8 soundtrack, and while a specific engine size hasn't been confirmed, it will almost certainly be the 5.0-liter V8. For that matter, rumors have said the EcoBoost and 5.0-liter mills will carry over from the current generation, at least at launch. That means power levels will likely be close to the current lineup: 460 hp in the GT and 310 hp for the EcoBoost 2.3-liter four-cylinder.

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What happens later down the road could be very interesting. Talk of a hybrid powertrain has endured in the rumor mill, possibly resulting in the first all-wheel-drive Mustang coupe. Such an arrangement could see electric power at the front wheels with the V8 driving the back. There's also the matter of a 6.8-liter pushrod V8 that was mentioned by a prominent Canadian auto union official during a ceremony in 2020, stating it would power derivatives of the Mustang and F-150. Pushrod engines generally occupy less space versus a DOHC mill – could this be a formula for a future high-performance hybrid Mustang?

At least some questions will be answered on September 14. The 2024 Mustang will grace the revamped North American International Detroit Auto Show, taking place both inside at the Huntington Place and outside at various locations in downtown Detroit. In the meantime, check out the Ford Heritage Vault and more with this special episode of the Rambling About Cars podcast, featured below.

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