It's podcast time, and Smith is back in the co-host chair after his near-death experience with an evil pork sandwich consumed prior to episode 22. As such, he and Bruce revisit some topics from that show, notably the $1 million garage challenge and sussing out some critical comments left by fans regarding Smith's opinions about the A80 Supra. More on that in a bit.

First, a quick teaser on why the new Ford Maverick is a bit weird, which also leads to the shocking revelation we mention above. Yes, it marks the return of a properly small pickup truck from a Detroit automaker and yes, its only competition at the moment is the Hyundai Santa Cruz. But ask yourselves this – what do Detroit automakers always brag about when debuting a new truck? We talk about this in the podcast but here's a hint: Ford didn't touch on any of those bragging points and as a result, one could argue that Hyundai actually beat Ford at its own truck game.


The second half of the chat sees the Chris's taking a deep dive on the other big vehicle debut this week, and it literally was a big debut. A new Toyota Land Cruiser is finally among us, and by that, we mean everywhere in the world except North America. That's too bad, because Bruce and Smith find the surprisingly snarly Land Cruiser GR Sport to be very intriguing. It leads to a grand discussion about the Land Cruiser legacy, as well as some wishful dreaming about a proper FJ revival that we know the world wants to see. Could such a thing be a surprise hit for Lexus in the States? Bruce says yes, Smith says no.

What do you say? Shoot your thoughts to the Chris's at, or drop a comment below.

In between the truck talk, Bruce and Smith welcome all commenters who are passionate about cars. Yes, that includes the ones that call the hosts morons for not liking everyone's favorite Fast and Furious star car, the vaunted A80 Toyota Supra. It's not a bad car, but calling it ugly and ill-handling isn't a controversial take. It's just a legitimate opinion of a car enthusiast, countering the legitimate opinion of another car enthusiast. The nice thing about the car enthusiast community? There's room for plenty of voices. Except for the Pontiac Grand Am people. They don't get a voice.

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Rambling About Cars Episode 24 Preview:

For the past two episodes we were planning to talk about convertibles, and specifically, the future of droptops in the SUV era. That discussion has been thwarted twice thanks to undercooked meat and Ford's continual push with new vehicle debuts. Barring any wild revelations in the automotive world, get your sunscreen ready for convertible talk next week.

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