Friends, it’s 2019 and there’s pretty much nothing you can’t buy over the internet. That most definitely includes cars, and while spending tens of thousands of dollars on something without actually seeing it isn’t for everyone, online auto sales are definitely a thing. Not only that, a new study from shows that some vehicles can be bought cheaper when the transaction is done via computer.

Of course, there’s a lot more to a selling price than just the venue. Vehicle condition, location, mileage, and all kinds of other factors influence the final figure. But on average, there are indeed some interesting trends when it comes to buying online. The study analyzed over 9.4 million used cars sold in 2018, including sales from online-only dealerships. There wasn’t much of a difference, but for the 10 vehicles included in this slideshow, going online could save considerable time and money.

And it’s not like the vehicles featured here are sales duds. This mix of pickup trucks, sedans, and SUVs include some top-ten sellers. Vehicle age or condition isn’t mentioned for this survey, but many online stores offer vehicle inspections, respectable warranties, and free-return periods should customers have concerns.

Hit the slideshow above to see which rides score the best online discounts. The iSeeCars source link below offers additional background on the study.


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