Pickup trucks continue to dominate the sales charts in America. Automakers have introduced several new models over the last few years while others have refreshed existing models, giving consumers more options. Ford, General Motors, and Ram continue to lead with their full-size offerings, while some mid-size options are climbing the charts.

But not every make and model saw a sales increase in 2023. Some trucks tumbled by as much as 20, 30, and even 40 percent over the previous year, while some top sellers from last year didn't even make the list this year.

Outside Looking In

2024 Tesla Cybertruck
Nissan Titan XD

Nissan sold just 19,189 examples of the Titan in 2023. That's actually up 27.4 percent from the previous year, but not enough for it to crack the top 15. The GMC Hummer EV also saw a significant increase in 2023 – up 279.9 percent – but that’s still just 3,244 trucks sold. The Tesla Cybertruck, meanwhile, just started making its way to customers late last year and early this year – so maybe we'll see if on the sales chart for 2024.

15. Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T

19,410 Units

The Rivian R1T barely made the cut by outselling the outdated and soon-to-be-doomed Nissan Titan and the GMC Hummer EV. The electric truck maker delivered 19,410 units of its pickup in 2023, giving consumers an alternative to gas-powered pickups and alternatives like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

14. GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon

22,458 Units

The GMC Canyon, the companion offering to the Chevrolet Colorado, saw its sales tumble 19.3 percent in 2023 – but the brand also launched its third-generation pickup midway through the year. The automaker sold 22,456 Canyons the previous year. Still, it's rolling into 2024 with the rugged AT4X AEV Edition in the portfolio that adds steel bumpers, Goodyear Wrangler tires, fender flares, and more that could help reverse the truck's sales slide.

13. Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

32,334 Units

Sales for the Ford Ranger fell off a cliff in 2023. They tumbled 43.3 percent to an abysmal 32,334 units, but that doesn't necessarily mean consumers are losing interest. Ford launched the 2024 Ranger last year, ramping up production over the previous six months, and consumers could be holding out for the shiny new pickup. Ford will also have the new Ranger Raptor to dangle in front of customers for the first time in America with a 405-horsepower EcoBoost V6, full-time four-wheel-drive, Fox Racing shocks, and skid plates.

12. Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Santa Cruz

36,675 Units

The Hyundai Santa Cruz might compete with the Ford Maverick, but the two couldn't be more different in terms of sales. Hyundai sold 36,675 Santa Cruz pickups in 2023, up just one percent from 2022 and far behind the Blue Oval's popular, pint-sized competitor.

11. Honda Ridgeline

2024 Honda Ridgeline

52,001 Units

The Ridgeline had its best sales year in 2023, jumping 21.6 percent compared to last year, with 52,001 trucks sold. Seeing such a jump for a six-year-old pickup is a bit shocking. Honda launched the second-generation Ridgeline in 2017, and it hasn't changed much since. The truck rolls into 2024 with a few minor updates, including new tailgate branding and center console improvements. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

10. Jeep Gladiator

2024 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon X

55,188 Units

The Jeep Gladiator answered the question of what a Wrangler would look like with a truck bed – but fewer and fewer people want to find out. The Jeep had its sales fall nearly 30 percent last year to 55,188 units. Sales peaked for the rugged off-road truck in 2021 at 89,712 units.

9. Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier

58,135 Units

The Nissan Frontier might have outsold its bigger brother, but it took a beating last year. Nissan sold 23.7 percent fewer Frontiers in 2023 than in 2022, selling just 58,135 pickups. Unlike the aging Titan, Nissan recently updated the Frontier, revamping its styling inside and out for the 2022 model year. The truck's refresh might already be spoiling.

8. Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 / Bison

71,081 Units

Like its GMC sibling, the Chevrolet Colorado saw a 20.3 percent dip in sales. The Bow Tie brand moved 71,081 examples of its mid-size truck. Chevy refreshed the Colorado for the 2023 model year, just like the Canyon. The Chevy also gains the rugged ZR2 Bison off-road trip for 2024, which adds 35-inch tires and five skid plates.

7. Ford Maverick

2024 Ford Maverick

94,058 Units

The Ford Maverick continues to be a strong seller for the automaker since its late 2021 launch for the 2022 model year. Sales for the small pickup increased by 26.5 percent to 94,058 units. The automaker will rejigger the truck's powertrain lineup going into 2024, with the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with the eight-speed automatic now serving as the entry-level model.

6. Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

125,185 Units

Toyota introduced a new Tundra a few years back, and consumers have finally taken notice. Toyota saw sales for its pickup increase again in 2023, this time by 20.1 percent. Last year was the model's second-best sales year since its launch in 2005 when Toyota sold some 126,529 Tundra trucks, and 2023's sales jump follows a bigger one. In 2022, Tundra sales increased by 26.8 percent.

5. Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

234,768 Units

The Toyota Tacoma sold well through 2023, even though Toyota introduced the next-gen model in May. Sales for the best-selling mid-size truck did dip 1.1 percent from 237,323 to a still impressive 234,768 units.

4. GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra

295,737 Units

The Silverado's fancier cousin sold well last year, continuing to find sales success after being updated for the 2022 model year. It saw sales jump 22.4 percent to nearly 300,000 units in 2023, moving exactly 285,768 pickups into customers' homes.

3. Ram Trucks

Ram 1500 TRX

444,926 Units

Ram wasn't as lucky as its competitors last year, with sales dropping five percent to 444,926 units. The automaker does have a new truck coming next year that ditches the Hemi V8 for the Hurricane inline-six and hybrid setups.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

555,148 Units

Sales for the Chevrolet Silverado reversed 2022 sales dip by increasing 6.1 percent. Chevrolet sold 555,148 Silverado pickups, from full-size to heavy-duty, and it remains the second best-selling pickup truck and vehicle in America.

1. Ford F-Series

Ford F-150

750,789 Units

The Ford F-Series remains America's best-selling truck 47 years in a row. Sales for the pickup increased 14.8 percent for 2023. Of those sold last year, some 24,165 were of the electric Lightning, up from 15,617 in 2022, but Ford has announced that it plans to scale back EV production to match the variant's tepid reception in the market. The rest of the F-Series lineup continues to sell well.


What Is The Number One Best-Selling Truck?

The Ford F-Series is still the number one best-selling truck for 47 consecutive years. Ford delivered over 750,000 examples of the F-Series in 2023.

Which Company Sells The Most Trucks?

General Motors sells more trucks than any other manufacturer. Combining the sales of its two truck brands, Chevrolet and GMC, GM sold more than 945,000 pickup trucks in the 2023 calendar year.

What Was The Most Expensive Truck Of 2022?

The GMC Hummer EV was the most expensive truck of 2023 with a starting base price of $110,295 for the Edition 1 model.

Best Selling Trucks Of 2023

  1. Ford F-Series: 750,789
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: 555,148
  3. Ram Trucks: 444,926
  4. GMC Sierra: 295,737
  5. Toyota Tacoma: 234,768
  6. Toyota Tundra: 125,185
  7. Ford Maverick: 94,058
  8. Chevrolet Colorado: 71,081
  9. Nissan Frontier: 58,135
  10. Jeep Gladiator: 55,188
  11. Honda Ridgeline: 52,001
  12. Hyundai Santa Cruz: 36,675
  13. Ford Ranger: 32,334
  14. GMC Canyon: 22,458
  15. Rivian R1T: 19,410
  16. Nissan Titan: 19,189
  17. Hummer EV: 3,244
  18. Tesla Cybertruck: TBD
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