The moment is here. After two years and over 100 episodes, Rambling About Cars is going live! Join Chris Bruce and Christopher Smith every Wednesday at 7:30 PM Eastern, where you can live-chat and interact with them through's social channels. Wherever you are, they can see your comments and respond in real-time! Like/follow/subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

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We are super excited to usher in this new Rambling About Cars era with two very special guests. Zach Wright is a Rambling veteran, having joined us way back in 2021 to talk about owning and driving the world's fastest Ford Taurus SHO, AKA the Blue Turd. As a refresher, he finally broke the 8-second barrier after a marathon weekend at the strip, and yes, that's a front-wheel-drive Taurus shifting five gears manually. He then drove another SHO on Discovery Channel's Getaway Driver and finished as the season champion. He's been very busy since then, and we can't wait to hear about it.


Victoria Scott also takes time from her very busy schedule to join us! You've likely seen her featured vehicle reviews in our digital halls, along with The Drive, Jalopnik, or a host of other automotive websites. She's fresh off an overlanding adventure with the Nissan Frontier that you can read about later this week on, but we will have a special preview on the podcast. Victoria is also an outstanding photographer, and she'll be talking about her first book, Postcards from the End of the World which is available for purchase right now.


Mixed with our special guests will be a discussion on the bonkers Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, sending the much-loved Challenger into the sunset with a 1,025 horsepower bang. Be sure to read our Demon 170 debut post for all the details on this street-legal 8-second car.

Gallery: 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

The fun begins Wednesday at 7:30 pm Eastern, and we will be LIVE so anything can happen. If you're a regular Rambling About Cars listener (affectionately known as Ramblers), we welcome you to the new format. For all the newcomers, welcome to the unique blend of automotive wit and wisdom you'll only find with Bruce and Smith. Let's roll!

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