Thinking about selling a car? Let master detailer Larry Kosilla use his expertise to show you how to present a vehicle for sale to get the most money possible. His canvas of choice for this latest video is an absolutely gorgeous 2005 Acura NSX.

This NSX is particularly special because it's one of just 49 examples in Imola Orange. Plus, only eight of those cars have this one's black leather interior. The Acura is going up for sale on Bring a Trailer soon and should sell for a good price, given the rare color combo. But Kosilla's detailing skills could push bidding that much higher by making the car truly shine in photos. 

This NSX already looks great, but it's not perfect. Kosilla advises focusing on the spots most people don't think to clean, which he refers to as the car's armpits. These areas include the wheel wells, door jambs, brake calipers, and inside the wheels.

When it comes to washing the body, Kosilla recommends using one bucket with multiple towels inside. As each one gets dirty, put it aside and use another one. This prevents wiping the body with a grimy cloth and getting that crud on the paint.

Inside, Kosilla recommends not making the cabin look too shiny, and avoid products that leave smells, as they can turn off buyers. You want the interior to have a neutral scent so that folks can imagine themselves driving the car.

There's also a recommended method for cleaning the windshield and other glass panels. Kosilla sprays cleaner on a section, gives it a quick wipe and then a deeper rub with a towel. Next, he uses a squeegee to remove any excess material. Finally, he swabs the glass one more time.

Kosilla has many other tips, but they're primarily for selling a collectible car like this NSX. For example, most vehicles don't need dry ice detailing for the undercarriage. If you're selling your beater on Facebook Marketplace, we suspect it's not worth the trouble. But if you're selling your low-mileage classic Mustang, you might want to take more of Kosilla's tips, as a potential buyer will likely be more stringent when it comes to cleanliness. 

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