Update: The livestream is over and the Mazda Iconic SP Concept is here. Read all about it in our debut post.

Media events for the new Japan Mobility Show start October 25 in Tokyo, but that's the evening of October 24 for those in the US. Mazda will be on hand with a new concept car that gives off serious MX-5 vibes, and you can watch the debut happen live right here. The livestream event starts at 8:15 PM Eastern, 5:15 PM Pacific.

Mazda dropped a teaser for this curious concept on October 10, showing a shadowed backside with taillights that look very much like those from the Mazda Vision Study concept. To refresh your memory, it was a swoopy coupe that debuted in November 2022 and also delivered serious Miata vibes. This time around Mazda isn't being shy about connecting the concept with its beloved sports car. The automaker has said its booth at the Japan Mobility Show will focus on the MX-5 with numerous examples through the years on display.

Mazda Vision Study concept

Mazda will also have a 2/3 scale MX-5 model that kids can sit in for a simulated driving experience, though we suspect more than a few adults will partake in that as well. An MX-5 called the SeDV controlled entirely with the driver's hands will be on display, and then we get to the concept. Mazda doesn't come right out and say it's a future MX-5 Miata, but it's grouped with all the other Miatas and mentioned as a "new concept car designed to symbolize the exhibit theme." That doesn't leave much room for interpretation.

The current-generation ND Miata is getting along in years, having debuted back in 2014. Still, the iconic roadster seems forever young, receiving a small update for the 2024 model year to become the ND3. Fresh LED lights with a new infotainment system and a few extra ponies under the hood (for 1.5-liter models not sold in the US) are the crux of the updates.

You can watch the new Miata-themed concept debut live right here at Motor1.com at 8:15 PM Eastern. Stick around afterward for more debuts to follow from the Japan Mobility Show.

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