The 2023 SEMA Show is headed our way, and Stellantis will be there showcasing vehicles fitted with a plethora of Mopar upgrades. The latest teaser from the automaker features an adventure-focused Ram truck with aspirations of overlanding, complete with red tow hooks. That's how you know it's a serious off-roader.

As we only have two teaser images right now, there's not a terrific amount of information to share on this burly pickup truck. Glimpsing the front, we see a Ram Rebel HD grille above the aforementioned tow hooks. The same general grille design is used on the Power Wagon, but a very close look suggests this truck has the Rebel's mesh pattern relegated to the Rebel. The front-end teaser also offers a glimpse of extra lights mounted to the roof, while a second image shows the bed with 2500 prominently displayed. That's why we point to this being a Rebel HD truck.

Mopar Ram 2500 Teaser Image
Mopar Ram 2500 Teaser Image

Accompanying the teaser photos is a short statement from Stellantis identifying this as a "weekend adventurer." To that end, the automaker also calls it a beast that can be a daily-driven work vehicle through the week, making it something of an automotive mullet that's business up front with a party at the back. Speaking of back, the rear teaser shows what looks like the side of a topper fitted with traction boards. It's conceivable this could also be a bed rack with boards mounted on the sides, but the structure looks rather solid in this picture.

It's certainly no secret that overlanding has gained popularity in recent years, and automakers are looking to capitalize on that straight from the factory. The new Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter is a prime example of that, debuting earlier in 2023 as a trim that adds upgraded suspension, a bed rack, and more. Ram doesn't offer something in the same vein for its current truck lineup, but that's where the in-house folks at Mopar come in. Last year, that took the form of the Ram 1500 Backcountry X, a one-off pickup with lockable storage boxes and roof rails that created an open-top bed with secure storage.

Will this heavy-duty Ram be the only off-roader with Mopar touches at SEMA? The show kicks off at the end of October in Las Vegas, so there's still time for some surprise announcements to be made.

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