Winter weather can create treacherous and downright deadly driving conditions. Snow-covered roads can turn the simplest trip into a white-knuckled endeavor where one wrong move could send the car careening off the road. We can only imagine how white the knuckles were of one FedEx driver caught on camera struggling to make it up a snowy road on a hill.

The video above opens with the FedEx delivery vehicle, a branded box truck, starting to slide off the road, full-lock and sideways, the tires spewing snow as it drifts toward a ditch. It’s a precarious predicament to find yourself in, but also perfect for drifting. The driver managed to keep it on the road, straightening it out for a brief moment before the back end slid out again. However, the driver controlled the truck a little better, forging up the hill sideways.

The driver eventually got the truck to straighten out enough for him to make better progress up the road. The back end would start to slide, but the driver straightened it out and continued. They had no other issues getting up the hill, eventually reaching the top.

The snow doesn’t look too deep in the video, but four or five inches of the stuff is enough to muck up the driving experience, especially on a hill. There’s also a chance that the snow is covering ice-covered asphalt, making it even more difficult to navigate as it’s impossible to know if it’s there.

The FedEx delivery vehicle in the video was nothing more than a branded box truck, which did not appear to have four-wheel drive. The feature is not a superpower for cars, but it can make driving in the snow much more manageable. No amount of grip, though, can conquer ice, so be smart behind the wheel. It also looks like the vehicle had very few packages left to deliver, with little weight hanging over the rear tires.

We’re glad the driver got to the top of the hill without getting stuck (again). The video is a reminder of just how tough it is to be a delivery driver in America’s diverse climate.

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