In August 2022, Audi announced intentions to join Formula 1 as an engine supplier for the 2026 season. A couple of months later, the German luxury automaker part of the Volkswagen Group reached an agreement with Sauber. At the end of January this year, it acquired a minority stake in the Swiss F1 team. Later this month, a showcar will be displayed at the Auto Shanghai 2023 as part of the company's plan to release more details about its F1 entry.

The disclosure was made by a spokesperson for the Four Rings in an interview with Automotive News Europe. As to why the Auto Shanghai event was chosen as the venue to show off the new F1 concept car, the Audi representative said China represents the company's single largest market. The spokesman went on to say F1 has a large following in the People's Republic.

Audi F1 livery for 2026

In addition, bringing the car to China will be appreciated by fans after multiple cancellations of the Chinese Grand Prix caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Auto Shanghai 2023 is scheduled to start on April 18 with the first press day and end on April 27 with the last public day.

Although 2026 is still a long way to go, two major changes have already been announced. F1 cars will run on completely synthetic fuel as opposed to today when renewable ethanol accounts for only 10 percent of the total mix. The turbocharged V6 engines will live on, but electric power will account for up to 50 percent of the total output. The FIA World Motor Sport Council also touts reduced running costs to lure in newcomers, which has already happened with Sauber/Audi and Red Bull/Ford.

Porsche has also expressed its interest to join F1, but negotiations with Red Bull fell through last year as the Zuffenhausen brand's proposal for a 50:50 deal was rejected. Despite failing to reach an agreement with Red Bull, Porsche said in October 2022 it still wants to join the world's greatest motorsport competition.

However, according to a recent report from The Race, Porsche will not join the grid in 2026. The company is apparently still interested, but it allegedly won't happen in the medium term.

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