Mustang people, it's time to face reality. Like it or not, the Mach-E is here and you know what? It's pretty darned good at being an exciting, fun-to-drive vehicle. There are those who will never accept it in the Mustang community because it's a four-door crossover, but what if it only had two doors? Say no more ... your wish is granted.

Okay, this isn't exactly solving the whole Mustang name controversy but hey, it's a Mach-E with two doors, right? X-Tomi Design on Facebook decided to give the EV 'Stang a ute-style makeover, and with the Ford Maverick currently striking a positive chord with buyers, it's a timely makeover at that. We have full-size electric trucks in the works, not the least of which being the new F-150 Lightning. On the small scale there's the cool Alpha Wolf, but all bets are off as to whether the startup actually gets past the prototype phase.


Meanwhile, Ford has a nifty EV crossover that looks sporty, and in GT guise can rip to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Ditching the rear seats and the back half of the roof for a pickup bed could be a winning formula, especially if it's offered in both street and off-road trims. As for the name, perhaps it's time to bring back the Ford Falcon? We're actually being serious here.

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Serious though we might be, don't expect anything of the kind from Ford. We know there are folks that yearn for a small truck – we've read your comments and emails and you're not alone. As much as we love smaller street trucks, the truth is that buyers want four doors and five seats in the cabin. Even if such a thing were to come about, offering a two-door Maverick makes more sense, or even a Bronco pickup for that matter.

So don't worry, Mustang peeps. You won't have to worry about pony pickups invading car shows anytime soon.

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