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Even if you've been living under a rock, you would've heard about the Ford Bronco. Undoubtedly once of Ford's most successful revivals from its catalog of greatest hits, the new Ford Bronco brings to the table a combination of an instantly recognizable name, serious off-road performance, technology, and lovable design. We've already had a quick run with it before it's set to hit showrooms, and we can understand the hype and the importance of this model in Ford's lineup. 

Gallery: 2021 Ford Bronco

Speaking briefly to Ford Authority, Paul Wraith, the Chief Designer of the 2021 Ford Bronco, let's us in on the pressures of reviving a beloved nameplate. “It was the pressure of responsibility because we understood very clearly that there was a great deal of expectation and the history of the Bronco is so nuanced and complex and broad,” Wraith explained. He also mentioned that there was a push to succeed, especially from people outside of the program. "Conversations would often end with, ‘Don’t eff it up.’ I’ve never encountered that in my past experience. But that’s good – it helps you to get into your zone, like an athlete on the line. It helps bring you inside yourself to get ready for what you’re about to do.”

The result of that pressure is a product that has had competitors on edge, with Jeep releasing some cheat sheets in case customers start to ask some tough questions. Needless to say, the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco is a hit, and the excitement has yet to die down. Of course, the team behind the Ford Bronco can breathe a lot easier now that the (arguably) hardest part has been completed – reintroduce the Bronco name after 25-years and have almost everyone love it. We can expect the first batch of Ford Broncos to be delivered by June next year, and continue on well into 2022.

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