Not a day goes by without hearing or seeing something new related to Ferrari’s electrified supercar. Case in point, reputable German magazine Auto Motor und Sport has just published an article about the new hybrid from Maranello, which will debut at the end of May. AMS says the range-topping model will pack nearly 1,000 horsepower as per the leaked invitation from earlier this month, and now we know where that power is going to come from.

At the heart of the new model positioned above the 812 Superfast will be the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 engine found in the F8 Tributo, but as part of a hybrid powertrain. The report mentions Ferrari will install three electric motors, with two mounted at the front and the third one built into the transmission. Thanks to the innovative arrangement, the upcoming Prancing Horse will allegedly come with an all-wheel-drive layout benefitting from torque vectoring.

AMS refers to the model as being a proper hypercar rather than “only” a supercar, which actually makes sense if the rumored 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) time of only two seconds will turn out to be true. This performance will come at a great cost as insiders have told the publication Ferrari has set a starting price of approximately €600,000 ($668,750 at current exchange rates).

Should that price tag be out of reach, you’ll be happy to hear Ferrari is going to introduce a more attainable hybrid supercar later this year. Instead of a V8, the model will get a smaller V6 with an electric twist and should have a significantly lower price tag. After the Tributo and these two hybrids, Ferrari will introduce two additional cars before the end of this year. For those curious to see the Purosangue, the SUV won’t be out until late 2021.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport

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