Lately, we've found ourselves enjoying YouTube car reviews by Throttle House. The hosts, James and Thomas, are entertaining, and their chemistry reminds us just a bit of the best years of the original Top Gear. Thomas is a lifelong Canadian, while James is a British expat, which shapes their car opinions about as you'd expect, especially when it comes to the trucks in this video.

In this video, James and Thomas are reviewing a pair of off-road playthings: a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. Starting out on a snowy hillside, the Jeep's superior tires help it to outperform the Toyota when it comes to climbing ability. With that said, the Toyota is still an impressive performer. Having grown up outside of London, this is an entirely new experience for James – and he's hooked.

Taking a break to look at the interiors of both trucks, we were surprised to discover that the Jeep has a far nicer interior than the Toyota. While the 4Runner's interior is perfectly comfortable and functional, the tiny infotainment screen, dull materials, and lack of flas or personality may put off some buyers, especially considering the truck's price point, which hovers around $50k US according to the video.

On the other hand, the Wrangler's interior is equal parts fun and functional, and is a place we'd be a lot happier to spend time...that is, until James and Thomas take the vehicles on the road. The Wrangler still drives like a Jeep in traffic, with all of the wind noise, squeaks, and rattles you'd expect. That lack of refinement, coupled with the unique driving dynamics of the Wrangler, make it a fun experience, at least for Thomas. We think it might get old after a while, but for many, the Wrangler's numerous other charms make it worthwhile.

James' 4Runner, on the otherhand, is perfectly tractable on the street, and quiet as a mouse. For those looking for the best of all worlds, the 4Runner is the better choice. For others, only a Jeep will suffice. If you're looking for a daily driver that's a monster off-road right from the factory, you can't really go wrong with either.

Source: Throttle House on YouTube

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