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A recent report indicated that Ford was nearly ready to begin evaluating test mules of its upcoming Focus-based pickup. These new spy shots suggest the Blue Oval's engineers are checking out the new truck even more quickly than previously anticipated. Given the extreme amount of camouflage on this vehicle, the company apparently doesn't want to show too much of the little carry-all yet.

There's very little to discern about the truck's design from this test mule because Ford covers the entire exterior with black body cladding. We can't even see the cargo bed because the engineers fit a cap that makes the model look more like a little van than a pickup. Our spies are quite confident that there is a truck beneath all of this concealment, though. 

While using the same platform as the new Focus, the pickup reportedly rides on a longer wheelbase and has a distinct style, according to a report from's Brazilian edition. Ford's Focus-based pickup would slot below the Ranger in the automaker's truck offerings. The new model's platform supports an all-wheel-drive layout, but base versions might use front drive. Propulsion would come from 1.5- and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines. 

Ford Courier (1997 a 2013)
Ford Falcon Ranchero

The name for this new vehicle remains a mystery. North American reports indicate that Ford favors the Courier moniker for this little truck. However,'s Brazilian team indicates the vehicle might revive the Ranchero nameplate there. With Bronco and Ranger making returns to the U.S. market, maybe it's time for Ranchero to come back, too.

Ford reportedly intends to build the Focus-based truck in Mexico. It would launch in Brazil in 2021 and possibly begin deliveries in the U.S. about a year later. 

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