It looks like the Ford Ranger Raptor won’t be a morsel for U.S. buyers after all. Ford Performance Director Hermann Salenbauch pretty much closed the door on rumors from the past few months, telling journalists today that the company had no plans to bring the hardcore off-roader to U.S. shores. We say pretty much because, while there are currently no plans for a U.S.-spec Ranger Raptor, plans can always change.

The words came during a Ford GT event attended, outlining the extended production schedule for the supercar. The discussion included a larger picture of Ford’s performance plans, one which has a Raptor all around the globe. We reached out to Ford after the event just to make sure we were crystal clear on the details; a spokesperson explained that the Ranger Raptor was brought forth to bring Raptor performance to markets where the F-150 doesn’t reach, which is pretty much everywhere outside North America. Makes sense to us.

Still, that’s not to say we couldn’t see the tougher Ranger at some point in the future. We know Ford has some Ranger Raptor test vehicles in the U.S. because we’ve seen them, and Australian patent filings uncovered back in August allegedly listed a U.S. patent application number for a Ranger Raptor. Yes, there are no plans to bring the truck here. But it appears the groundwork is in place should the course be reversed. Sounds like a smart move to us.

We’d also bet a fiver that Ford execs will be watching the progress of Chevrolet’s new Colorado Bison very closely. A slightly beefed-up version of the Colorado ZR2, it adds a bit more ground clearance and a lot more machismo with its Chevrolet-branded, Raptor-esque grille. Should Chevy post strong sales figures for the Colorado – and especially if it takes a bite out of F-150 Raptor sales – don’t be surprised if the hardcore Ranger comes running to the rescue.

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