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The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive examines the concept of networking the driver, vehicle and the outside world. With a concentration on the three areas of safety, infotainment and communication, the Vision ConnectedDrive gives us a glimpse into the future.

The VCD is a two-seater roadster designed to give the impression of acceleration while standing still.  It features typical BMW design characteristics showing a flat sporting and dynamic silhouette. BMW chose an open top two-seater roadster format to best showcase the interior, light concept and exterior design while looking from above.

For the lighting concept fiber optics in various colours are laid beneath transparent surfaces throughout the vehicle. Yes they provide for a cool light show, but they are intented to demonstrate the interaction between the environment, vehicle and driver.  For example, the orange fiber optic strands running below and alongside the transparent area in the hood (aka cone of vision) represent the safety-specific information flow in the direction of the driver and are the link between the sensors in the front and rear of the vehicle and the driver.

The third level focuses on the connection between the vehicle and the environment is expressed primarily in the peripheral zone of the automobile. Instead of two wing mirrors, two fin- shaped antennas provide the link to the world of data. No matter whether navigation and traffic information or mobile Internet, these antennas either pick up information and channel it to the interior of the vehicle or transmit information as well.

Since the vehicle itself acts as the link to the outside world, the green fibre optic strands depict the comfort layer around the entire vehicle. The light flows via the antennas into and out of the vehicle.

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