The Grand Tour is already moving towards its third episode of the new season, though the latest trailer does make a curious claim. We’re given glimpses of the fantastic Bugatti Chiron, with Clarkson’s familiar voice over saying “It’s the fastest car in the world.” Technically speaking, the Chiron is never mentioned by name in the teaser so perhaps he's really referring to the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which is in fact the fastest car in the world. Or – and we suspect this is the case – the segment was filmed during the brief time in which Bugatti held the 0-249-0 mph (0-400-0 km/h) record.

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Of course, we know that Koenigsegg quietly slipped into the record-setting realm nary a month after Bugatti’s achievement in dramatic fashion, not just stealing the record but obliterating it by over five seconds. Then, Koenigsegg went on to claim the absolute top-speed record for a production car with an average speed of 277.9 mph (447 km/h).

But therein lies another curious question. The Bugatti Chiron technically never had the official title of fastest production car. Prior to Koenigsegg’s record run, bragging rights still belonged to the Chiron’s predecessor, the Veyron Super Sport. But now we’re just splitting hairs – Clarkson and company are known exaggerate every now and again, and it's not like the Chiron is slow. In fact, there’s certainly a chance the 1,500-horsepower hypercar could steal the top speed crown from Koenigsegg, should Bugatti ever decide to give it a try.

The Grand Tour Episode 3 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 3 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 3 Teaser

In the meantime, it seems Clarkson will be zipping around in a Chiron for the next episode, while James May races skateboarders in a car we’ve come to love, the Kia Stinger. Hammond, presumably still on the mend from his Rimac experience, is shown talking on a microphone.

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One thing that will be interesting is whether the trio actually mention the show’s new lap-time wheelman wheelwoman, British GT driver and racing instructor Abbie Eaton. Her non-existent introduction last week was a very awkward moment in what many people felt was one of the best episodes since the three presenters were on Top Gear.

We’ll find out when episode three goes live this Friday on Amazon Prime.

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