Find out why the Toyota FT-86 will cost more, and be more boring, than expected. The story inside.

Toyota fans, if there are any left, will be disappointed to know that the Toyota FT-86 will cost €2,000 more than expected.  The car, a joint development project between Toyota and Subaru and loving called Toyobaru, could come with a base price of €17,000, according to Autocar.

The higher cost has been attributed to excess research and development outlays, which hopefully means the accelerator will not get stuck, the brakes will work, and the car will not rollover in tight turns.  This is still much lower than the Subaru-badged version, which is expected to come out in Japan next year at about ¥3 million (€24,037).

Toyota is moving in a bit of a different direction with the car, according to the magazine.  The model will target new car buyers in their 30s and 40s, instead of 20-year old first time buyers as first reported.  This could potentially translate into a duller, more boring model meant for mass appeal, as opposed to a quirky, customizable entry-level sportier car as originally intended.