Electric vehicle pricing can be tricky, especially Rivian, which has five different models with up to four battery pack options and three motor configurations. But instead of digging deep into Rivian's complicated configurator, we've broken down details like price, performance, and range onto a single list—so you'll know exactly which Rivian is right for you.

It should be noted that all Rivians under $80,000 qualify for a $3,750 federal tax credit in the US if you're buying outright. Customers who lease their Rivians will receive the full $7,5000 tax credit (as of publication).

With that in mind, here's how much you might spend on a new Rivian model.


Rivian R1S


The Rivian R1S has three rows of seats and up to 400 miles of range if you opt for the Max battery pack. As the biggest and most capable of the lineup, the R1S is also the priciest. The base R1S Adventure starts at $76,700 with a dual-motor setup delivering 533 horsepower and 270 miles of range.

The most expensive Rivian R1S is the Performance dual-motor model with the Max battery pack, which delivers 665 hp and 380 miles of range. That version costs $100,800. The quad-motor all-wheel-drive model has 835 hp but just 303 miles of range by comparison; that model cost $93,800.

Add on options like Rivian Blue paint, 22-inch Sport Dark wheels, the Ocean Coast interior, and front paint protection, and a loaded R1S will cost you $110,600. But wait, there's more. Rivian also offers accessories like a $3,425 rooftop tent, tow hooks, rubber floor mats, roof rack upgrades, and even a $750 wall charger option.

R1S Dual-Motor Output Range Price
Standard 533 HP 270 Miles $76,700
Standard+ 533 HP 315 Miles $79,800
Large 533 HP 352 Miles $85,800
Max 533 HP 400 Miles $95,800
R1S Performance Output Range Price
Standard+ 665 HP 315 Miles $84,800
Large 665 HP 352 Miles $90,800
Max 665 Hp 400 Miles $100,800
R1S Quad-Motor Output Range Price
Large 835 HP 321 Miles $93,800


Rivian R1T


The R1T pickup is more affordable than the R1S SUV across the board. It starts at $71,700 with destination—$5,000 cheaper than the SUV. That base dual-motor, all-wheel-drive model with the standard battery pack has 533 horsepower and 270 miles of range, while the most efficient R1T with the base dual-motor setup and the Max pack has an estimated 410 miles of range.

Move up to the dual-motor Performance model and that unlocks 665 hp and a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. With the large battery pack you get 352 miles of range, while the Max gives you up to 410 miles of range with this setup.

The R1T with quad motors starts at $88,800, and the only battery pack available for that version is the large battery pack, which has 328 miles of range in this configuration. But with four motors, the R1T has 835 hp and races to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds.

Much like the R1S, the R1T is rich with options. With fancier paint, a nicer interior, and the R1T-exclusive all-terrain upgrade—which adds 20-inch wheels and underbody protection for an extra $3,850—the most expensive R1T costs $107,750 before any of the gear or accessories.

R1T Dual-Motor Output Range Price
Standard 533 HP 270 Miles $71,700
Standard+ 533 HP 315 Miles $74,800
Large 533 HP 352 Miles $80,800
Max 533 HP 410 Miles $90,800
R1T Performance Output Range Price
Standard+ 665 HP 315 Miles $79,800
Large 665 HP 352 Miles $85,800
Max 665 HP 410 Miles $95,800
R1T Quad-Motor Output Range Price
Large 835 HP 328 Miles $88,800


Rivian R2


The R2 is Rivian's new affordable compact offering, but unfortunately, it doesn't go on sale until 2026. That said, we do know the compact EV will start at $45,000 (before destination) and it will qualify for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

The R2 will have the North American Charging Standard—giving it access to Tesla's chargers—and come in one-, two-, or three-motor configurations. Rivian promises at least 300 miles of range and a 0-60 mph time of under 3.0 seconds in its most potent form, with rear- and dual-motor configurations.

The R2 has room for five passengers, but it's 15.0 inches shorter than the R1S and less capable off-road. That said, it still has 9.8 inches of ground clearance, a 25-degree approach angle, and a 27-degree departure angle—which makes it more capable than alternatives like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

  Output Range Price
R2 TBD 300+ Miles $45,000


Rivian R3

$37,000 (est.)

Alongside the compact R2, Rivian debuted the even smaller, sleeker R3. It features a coupe-like design and a lower ride height, making it sportier than its big siblings. That said, the R3 does share its platform and packaging with the larger R2, which means it will also have single-, dual-, and tri-motor powertrains. But details like battery configurations and specs remain a mystery.

We also don't know what the R3 costs yet. It will be more affordable than the R2 and could have a sub-$40,000 starting price based on its size. We estimate an MSRP of around $37,000 before destination when it goes on sale, which probably won't be until 2027, unfortunately.

  Output Range Price
R3 TBD 300+ Miles $37,000 (est.)


Rivian R3X

$43,000 (est.)

The pint-sized R3 SUV has a companion in the sporty R3X. Featuring a rugged exterior design and a lovely interior with bright orange accents, the R3X is Rivian's first performance-oriented EV (not that its other vehicles are slow by any means).

This version of the R3 will have a tri-motor setup standard, which means it should be significantly quicker and more powerful than the base version. In terms of pricing, Rivian hasn't released an official MSRP on this car, but it could start at around $43,000 with everything mentioned.

  Output Range Price
R3X TBD 300+ Miles $43,000 (est.)

Commercial Van

Rivian Commercial Van

$83,000 (est.)

You might not know that Rivian has a fifth model: Its Commercial Van. While still exclusive to Amazon and other Rivian partners, the company may open up sales to other business owners beginning this year. The Rivian van will reportedly start at $83,000—considerably more expensive than some of the alternatives from Ford and Ram—but it has 487 cubic feet of cargo space.

The van will reportedly come in two forms, the Delivery 500 and Delivery 700, with the former costing around $83,000 and the latter asking $87,000. The Delivery 700 will be a few inches longer than the 500 and offer more than 20 additional cubic feet of space. The estimated driving for the 500 model is 161 miles of range while the larger 700 has 153 miles of range per charge.

Commercial Van Cargo Range Price
Delivery 500 487 Cu. Ft. 161 Miles $83,000
Delivery 700 652 Cu. Ft. 153 Miles $87,000


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