At the reveal event for the new Rivian R2 SUV, the upstart automaker surprised us with an even smaller, cheaper crossover, the R3. "We're so excited about what this delivers beyond what we've seen [with] R2," said Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe at the reveal event. "It takes the package of R2, the platform of R2, it shrinks it, it puts it into our take on 'What is a crossover?'"

Rivian R3

While the R2 is somewhat smaller than Rivian's first SUV, the R1S, the R3 is even slighter still. Scaringe says that the R3 sits on a wheelbase five inches shorter than that of the R2. Both R2 and R3 ride on the same platform, and the smaller SUV will also be available with single-, dual-, and tri-motor powertrains.

The R3 looks much more like a lifted hatchback than the R2, but unlike most hatchbacks, the R3 has lift-up rear glass. It also has a front trunk, and excitingly, two gloveboxes. There will also be a sporty version called the R3X. It's something of a small rally car, with a tri-motor drivetrain, bigger wheels, and slightly increased ground clearance.

Gallery: Rivian R3

Rivian didn't reveal too many specifics on the R3 yet, but it said that it will cost less than the estimated $45,000 than the R2. Deliveries for the R2 are set to begin in the first half of 2026, so we may have to wait some time for the R3.

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