There’s little question that Ferrari builds some of the most coveted sports cars on the planet. The company’s founder and namesake, Enzo Ferrari, began his automotive career in 1929 as a sponsor for amateur race car drivers, and 10 years later was put in charge of Alfa Romeo’s racing department. Ferrari left to produce his first racer, the Tipo 815, in 1940, with the first road car to wear the Prancing Horse badge – the V12-powered 125 S – debuting in 1947. Headquartered in the northern Italian town of Maranello, Ferrari is of the most successful brands in Formula One racing.

Coming wrapped in achingly gorgeous low-slung styling, Ferraris are as much rolling works of art as they are automobiles. Unfortunately, they're also priced like museum-grade artwork, with even the cheapest model cracking the $200,000 mark. And that’s before adding options, which are astronomically expensive. Buyers can customize their cars in any number of ways to suit their tastes, from colors and hide treatments to racing and track options and styling details that include a plethora of carbon fiber appointments.

Though the brand’s exceedingly affluent buyers are hardly price-sensitive, the rest of us who are forced to stare from behind the velvet ropes would still like to know what it takes to drive a Maranello-made model off the lot, you know, just in case. To that end, we did some digging and compiled pricing for Ferrari’s 2020 lineup in the above slideshow, noting base MSRPs and, were we able to find them, a sampling of option prices, which are quite steep in their own regard.

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