Get in the middle of things.

Buying a Porsche is a challenging proposition, even before you crack open the legendarily expansive options catalog. Something as simple as deciding on a trim can paralyze prospective customers with choice.

Here's a healthy tip to cure your purchasing paralysis: buy the inbetweener. Porsche is better than any other automaker at bridging gaps in its trim line with new variants. That usually means buying a GTS, which straddles the S and Turbo variants (in all but the 718 range, at least). That's especially smart advice when buying a 2019 Porsche Panamera.

This car takes the Turbo's twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, detunes it to near the power levels of the 4S (but with noticeably more torque), splits the difference in price, and adds a few other performance goodies as standard. It's the Panamera to have, even if it doesn’t do much to change or improve on the overall style.

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Porsche Panamera
MSRP $ 87,550
MSRP $ 87,550
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Editor's Note: Michigan's winter weather prevented us from producing our usual on-location images of the Panamera GTS. These shots come from the first drive in Bahrain.

2019 Porsche Panamera GTS

Engine Twin-Turbocharged 4.0-liter V8
Output 453 Horsepower / 457 Pound-Feet
Transmission 8-Speed Dual Clutch
Drive Type All-Wheel Drive
Speed 0-60 MPH 3.9 Seconds
Maximum speed 181 MPH
Efficiency 16 City / 23 Highway / 19 Combined
Weight 4,554 Pounds
Seating Capacity 5
Cargo Volume 17.6 / 47.3 Cubic Feet
Base Price $128,300
As-Tested Price $136,160