A recent video released on YouTube by the R44 Performance channel shows a daring transformation as a BMW M3 Touring undergoes a remarkable alteration – its roof being chopped off. But before you gasp in disbelief, rest assured that there's a good reason behind this dramatic modification.

The mission was relatively simple – do what BMW didn’t do. Or, more precisely, swap the speedy wagon’s original roof with a carbon fiber upgrade from Alpha N. The process begins with meticulous preparation. The experts from IND Distribution delve deep into the car's interior, carefully removing trim pieces, the headliner, the boot lid, the roof rails, and a labyrinth of cables. This step is akin to peeling back the layers of the car's character, revealing the intricate anatomy beneath. But the real spectacle unfolds when the team courageously takes on the task of cutting away the original roof.

Gallery: BMW M3 Touring with carbon fiber roof

The old roof is liberated from its original welding points. To ensure the car's protection throughout the procedure, it is enveloped in a cocoon of nylon, both inside and out. This encapsulating layer shields the M3 Touring from any potential mishaps during the delicate operation. The climax of the video arrives as the new carbon fiber roof takes its rightful place atop the car's structure, expertly glued into position. 

Here comes the logical question – why does the M3 Touring come with a steel roof when the mechanically identical M3 Sedan features a carbon fiber panel from the factory? BMW Blog has the answer – BMW’s Munich plant which builds the M3 had to be fitted with new tools, especially for the wagon version of the performance car. The automaker expected the M3 Touring to be a niche product, meaning it wouldn’t have made sense for such an investment to be made. 

And as for this particular car, it was imported to the United States and is currently being prepared for its participation in this year’s SEMA. In addition to the carbon fiber roof, it also features a more aggressive exterior, air suspension, Vossen wheels, and EBC brakes.

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