Update: Added new images showing the Xbox game consoles with iconic Porsche liveries. Also added quotes from Porsche management on the creation and collaboration with Microsoft on this project.

Porsche is making the most of its 75th anniversary with a series of events to commemorate its history. In addition to videos and concepts, it sponsored exhibits and art cars to showcase its heritage and direction for the future. Now Porsche has teamed up with Microsoft to produce a special edition of the Xbox Series X inspired by its cars.  

Revealed during the Summer Game Fest this week, the Xbox Series X consoles wear liveries of some of the most famous Porsche racing cars in the automaker's history. Consisting of six different designs, the liveries of several iconic Porsche 917 cars are featured, including the 917/20 "Pink Pig" from the 1971 LeMans, the "Hippie" design of the 917LH, and the red and white livery of the winning 1970 car. Other liveries include the 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Mobil 1, several versions of the Martini and Rossi cars, and a design commemorating the Porsche 963 car racing in this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

Gallery: Porsche Xbox 75th Anniversary Collaboration

There will only be 75 of the Porsche-themed special edition Xbox consoles, each featuring a wireless Xbox controller in a matching design. Where do you find one of these consoles? That's the rub. All 75 consoles are sweepstake prizes in a competition open to US, United Kingdom, and German residents over the age of 18. The sweepstakes event opened on June 8th and runs through October 1. Participants are limited to one entry per day on the Porsche Xbox Sweepstakes website.

"Many people who end up being our most dedicated fans had their first encounter with Porsche through gaming," says Robert Ader, VP of global marketing at Porsche. "That’s why it plays a key role for us to stay relevant not just among current fans but among new generations, showcasing in the most awesome and engaging way what our brand has to offer."

"With over 30,000 motorsport victories to date, it wasn’t easy to select only six liveries," added Ayesha Coker, CP of marketing for Porsche North America. "But we’ve chosen some of the most iconic ones that our fans will recognize from notable victories over the years."

Those of us who are not lucky enough to win one of the Porsche-themed Xbox consoles can console ourselves with the new Forza Motorsport. Expected out in October, the game launches with over 500 realistic cars, including the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and the Cadillac Racing V-Series.R prototype racer. Also included are new tracks and a brand-new single-player mode allowing gamers to delve into the art of car-building. Even visually impaired gamers can get in on the action with the new Blind Driving Assists and One Touch Driving for people who need help pressing multiple buttons simultaneously.  

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