If you were going to go on an off-road camping adventure through Japan, the Toyota Hilux-based BR-75 from Direct Cars looks like an ideal rig. The company even offers a matching trailer for folks who need more storage space.

The living space replaces the Hilux's cargo bed. The new section has two windows, and a door on the side. A panel at the back opens for access to the shower stall so that travelers can wash off dirty gear without taking it inside. Outlets on the exterior provide a spot for plugging in gear. Direct Cars adds a protective panel underneath the truck for mounting the outdoor portion of the air conditioner.

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Inside, the BR-75 has lots of warm wood on the walls and cabinets. For more space, there's a pop-up roof with large windows to allow light into the cabin. The seating benches and table fold into a sleeping space, and there's also a pull-down bed.

Direct Cars offers the BR-75 in two trims. The basic model starting at 10.98 million yen ($83,688 at current exchange rates) uses the Hilux's Z trim as a starting point, and the motorhome has options like a refrigerator, a heater, 200-watt solar panel, an exterior awning, and a television.

Customers can upgrade to a version using the GR Sport Hilux as the base. For 12.45 million yen ($94,950), it comes standard with the refrigerator, heater, solar panel, and awning. A set of aluminum wheels are optional.

In Japan, the Hilux comes exclusively with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that makes 148 horsepower (110 kilowatts) and 295 pound-feet (400 Newton-meters) of torque. It hooks up to a six-speed automatic, and the transfer case offers high and low ratios. The GR Sport model gets a set of 18-inch wheels and upgraded shocks.

In December 2022, Toyota unveiled a concept for an electric version of the Hilux. There are no technical details about it, but the model might signal the future for the pickup.

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