Update: Added photo gallery and new information for the Tacoma "Tacozilla" camper.


Do you remember the cool-looking pop-up Toyota campers from the '70s and early '80s, with graphic decals on the sides that are totally retrolicious? Those motorhomes were built in collaboration with an RV company called Chinook and among the amazing things that have existed in the past.

Well, if you're looking to buy one, more than a handful are out there, still up and running, selling for around $12,000 - $13,000. However, if you want a modernized version, you're in luck as Toyota has unveiled the Tacoma-based 'Tacozilla' and it's inspired by those awesome Chinook campers.

Toyota Announces Tacoma 'Tacozilla' For SEMA
Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding Camper

The Japanese automaker built this retro-themed camper just in time to be showcased in this year's SEMA show. The images above show the original Chinook on the left with the final version of Tacozilla on the right. It's certainly a faithful homage, if a tad more aggressive in the off-roading realm but such things are necessary for an overlanding machine. It rides on a standard Tacoma TRD suspension with two inches of extra lift, primarily for clearance at the rear wheels.

Gallery: Toyota Tacozilla Tacoma Overlanding Camper

The Tacozilla aims to bring back the coolness of the Chinook campers but with a modern twist. As the photo gallery above shows, no detail was left untouched inside and out to make a very cool modern-day camper with retro styling. Even better, the base truck will be a Tacoma TRD Sport with a manual transmission.

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding Camper Interior
Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding Camper Interior

With the build finished and the truck on display at SEMA, it's a proper modern-day version of the classic that literally has everything including the kitchen sink. Tacozilla offers comfortable sleeping accommodations while providing a full bathroom with a shower, hot water, a full kitchen and for added convenience, there's a pass-through from the truck's cockpit to the main cabin.

Unfortunately, Tacozilla is just a concept vehicle so those hoping for a Chinook revival will have to settle for its appearance at SEMA. The 2021 show runs from November 2-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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