There are all kinds of ways to customize your car, and with decades of automotive experience under our belts, there's little the crew hasn't seen. But we haven't seen anything like this.

We recently came upon an interesting TikTok account called etcheddout, and the name exactly matches the content. You'll find all kinds of videos showing a range of automotive taillights, but each has one thing in common: an incredibly detailed design etched by hand that turns otherwise boring red lenses into legit art. And you can have a custom set made just for you.


The TikTok account includes a link to Etched Out, a website for an Australian-based company where these custom lights are made. According to Cars Insider on TikTok, the company was started by a talented, car-crazy woman who wanted custom taillights for her car, but couldn't find any shop or engraver interested in doing the work. So she did what any proper car enthusiast would do – taught herself to do it. She spent four years engraving lights as a hobby, getting better with practice until launching her own business.

The process looks pretty straightforward, if exceedingly intricate. Designs are drawn onto the lenses, which are then carved out using a Dremel drill. Per her website, once the engraving is complete the lights are sent out to a paint shop for clear coating to protect the newly created lines in the lenses. The turnaround time from start to finish is listed as 2-4 weeks, depending on shipping time. Cost isn't mentioned, though with each job literally being a custom creation, it's hard to pin down a figure.


The website doesn't just cover taillights, either. Etched Out also has listings for engraved shift knobs, engraved valve covers, or you can simply have your old lights refinished to look like new. Based on the TikTok and Instagram posts showing a wide range of completed projects, dragons and floral designs seem to be popular.

We suspect some of you might be wondering if it's even legal to carve out designs on taillights. Modifying vehicle lighting can always be a slippery slope; the Etched Out website believes everything is on the up and up since the lights still shine as advertised. However, the company advises interested customers to check with local law enforcement prior to making a purchase.

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