As Russia's invasion of Ukraine stretches through the second week, supply chain issues already hampered by the semiconductor shortage are causing additional problems for some automakers. As a result, Porsche is temporarily halting production at some locations, and it could eventually affect all models.

Last week, we reported on automotive suppliers based in Ukraine that create wiring harnesses for some brands, including Volkswagen Group. Disruptions in production are already happening, however, a post on Twitter from Caleb J Schroëter claimed to show a specific timeline for Porsche production shutdowns affecting each model throughout the month of March.


According to the Twitter post, the shutdown began on March 2 with the Macan and Panamera, followed by the Taycan on March 3. If the info is accurate, Porsche Cayenne production cuts off on March 7; 718 production stops on March 14, and finally, it reaches the 911 with GT3 / Touring production halting on March 17. General 911 production cuts off on the last day of March. The Twitter post doesn't mention how long the shutdowns will last, aside from stating that all lines will be partly stopped.

In an email to, a Porsche spokesperson confirmed that production at the Leipzig factory shut down on March 2. The Panamera and Macan are built there; the shutdown is initially through the end of this week (March 11). Presently, the manufacturing plant in Zuffenhausen is unaffected, but the spokesperson said "further steps will take place in an orderly process. In the coming days and weeks, we will operate on a short-term basis and continuously reassess the situation."

Virtually every major automaker is either affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, or offering some measure of aid to the country. Volkswagen Group, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis donated 1 million euros to Ukraine relief last week, and they were joined today by Nissan. Ford donated $100,000, General Motors donated $250,000, and all these brands along with Honda, Toyota, and Volvo have either halted exports to Russia, shut down operations in the region, or both.

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