OttoEx has carved out a niche of bringing interesting Japanese campers into the United States. This video highlights everything about a quite handsome 1993 Toyota Hilux Global Galaxy motorhome.

This rig is an attractive, two-tone combination of cream white and light green. It has a solid front axle and dual wheels at the rear. At about 18 feet (5.48 meters) long, the motorhome is only a bit bigger than a 2021 Ford F-150 with a 6.5-foot bed, so maneuvering this machine shouldn't be too hard.

Under the hood, there's Toyota's 2.8-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine that goes by the internal designation 3L. The factory rating is just 90 horsepower (67 kilowatts) and 139 pound-feet (188 Newton-meters) of torque. This one has a five-speed manual and four-wheel drive.

Stepping inside reveals an eye-popping cockpit. The door panels and seats have red, velour upholstery with a floral pattern. The floor has brown shag carpet. According to OttoEx, this odd combination is the original setup from the factory. A double-DIN display functions as the backup camera display.

A tiny CRT is the original backup cam screen and is between the front seats. It still turns on but no longer shows anything. The new owner should figure out a use for the little monitor.

The rear area is compact but appears very usable. There's a bed above the cab. The bench and table convert into a full-width bed. Towards the back, there's a kitchenette but currently without a cooktop. There's also a fairly large shower that's complete with a window to look out on the world while you're getting clean. The motorhome doesn't have a full bathroom, but there's plenty of space for storing a cassette toilet.

If you want this Toyota camper, there's bad news. OttoEx's site indicates it already has a buyer.

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