Toyota joins the 2021 International Caravan Show. The Japanese automaker isn't exactly new to the motorhome segment, though. We've seen several campers from the Japanese automaker before, official or unofficial; most of them were Toyota Tacoma conversions, while an official Chinook-inspired SEMA Show Tacoma build is also underway.

However, in other parts of the world, particularly in Spain, this is the first time that the automaker has released a full line of camper conversions – and there are four of these really nifty machines.

Gallery: Toyota At 2021 International Caravan Show

Toyota Spain collaborated with Tinkervan for the converted motorhomes. It's part of Toyota Se Adapta, Toyota Spain's program prepares and transforms some of its models for official release in the country.

In the 2021 International Caravan Show, Toyota Spain showcased four camper conversions, including three Proace ones in varying sizes and powertrains. The largest of which was the Proace Verso Camper minivan intended mainly for families who enjoy outdoor leisure and need a versatile and practical vehicle. It has a pop-up roof, while interior amenities include a rotating base for the seats, a 40-liter refrigerator, and a removable kitchen-sink module that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you like things smaller, Toyota Spain also introduced the Proace Mini Camper, touted as a "versatile, spacious and highly equipped minivan, valid for everyday use as well as for leisure and free time." It has a removable two-seater interior bed, table for indoor and outdoor use, 10-liter shower, and electric refrigerator, while an option for a pop-up roof tent is also available.

Toyota Spain also showcased the Proace Verso Electric with Self-Installing Kit and the Toyota Hilux Invincible with Housing Cell, but details are scarce for both models.

The Proace Verso Camper's pricing starts at € 39,699 or around $45,800 with the current exchange rates. On the other hand, the smaller Proace City Mini Camper is priced at € 27,547 or around $31,800.

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