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We all know used car prices are insane right now. A recent iSeeCars study calculated the average used car price at $24,710, so you'll pay more no matter where you're at. That said, the level of crazy does vary from place to place.

iSeeCars went a step further in its used car study, calculating average prices for both US cities and states. Analyzing 8 million car sales, the study reveals that rural states with lower populations generally have the highest prices, presumably due to fewer vehicles spread out over larger distances. Prices in cities aren't as high compared to the highest state averages, but there are still urban areas where prices are higher than most.

Based on the national average price of $24,710, people in Alaska pay the most for a used car. The average cost is $29,656, a full 20 percent over the national price. Wyoming is a close second at $29,419, but prices drop for third-place Montana at $27,303. Arkansas is fourth at $27,123, and Idaho rounds out the top five at $26,662. It's worth noting that Alaska is the fourth least-populated state, while second-place Wyoming has the lowest population of all US states at just 581,075 residents. Montana is the ninth least-populated state.

Here's a top-ten breakdown of states that currently have the highest average used car prices:

State Average Used Car Price Difference Vs. National Average
Alaska $29,656 + 20.0 Percent
Wyoming $29,419 + 19.1 Percent
Montana $27,303 + 10.5 Percent
Arkansas $27,123 + 9.8 Percent
Idaho $26,662 + 7.9 Percent
Texas $26,620 + 7.7 Percent
New Mexico $26,261 + 6.3 Percent
Mississippi $25,788 + 4.4 Percent
New York $25,693 + 4.0 Percent
California $25,555 + 3.4 Percent


On the flip side, here are the ten states with the lowest average used car prices:


State Average Used Car Price Difference Vs. National Average
Indiana $21,961 - 11.1 Percent
Ohio $22,244 - 10.0 Percent
Connecticut $22,528 - 8.8 Percent
Virginia $22,618 - 8.5 Percent
Kentucky $22,995 - 6.9 Percent
Iowa $23,062 - 6.7 Percent
Minnesota $23,120 - 6.4 Percent
Hawaii $23,290 - 5.7 Percent
Michigan $23,348 - 5.5 Percent
Delaware $23,469 - 5.0 Percent


Cities with the most expensive used cars aren't as pricey as those in Alaska and Wyoming, but they're still well above the national average. With just a few exceptions, cities in the southern US lead the pack for pricey used cars.
City Average Used Car Price Difference Vs. National Average:
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL $27,737 + 12.2 Percent
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL $27,623 + 11.8 Percent
Houston, TX $26,964 + 9.1 Percent
Charlotte, NC $26,448 + 7.0 Percent
Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM $26,433 + 7.0 Percent
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX $26,351 + 6.6 Percent
San Antonio, TX $26,308 + 6.4 Percent
Austin, TX $26,010 + 5.2 Percent
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA $25,830 + 4.5 Percent
Los Angeles, CA $25,782 + 4.3 Percent

You can see the full list of states and cities from iSeeCars at the source link below.

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