It's podcast time! This week Global Managing Editor John Neff and news writer Anthony Alaniz join Rambling About Cars to discuss some fascinating stories recently on In the second segment, we look at the crazy state of used car prices currently in the US.

First,'s Brazilian edition found a cool video of teenagers there breaking into a building holding a treasure trove of classic cars. We are somewhat split on whether or not what these kids are doing is okay. On one hand, they don't appear to be destroying anything, but they are definitely trespassing. 


Next, Anthony Alaniz tells us about a 1991 Honda CRX Si with over one million miles on it. The car belonged to a man in the military who clearly spent a lot of time on the road with this little car.

Chris Smith offers up some previously unseen images of the Zastava assembly plant building the  Yugo from 1985. They came from the son of the man who ran public relations when there was an effort to bring the inexpensive hatchback to the US.

Then, we read some comments, including your thoughts on the new Nissan Z. This leads to some brief reminiscence about the fantastic 1990 Super Bowl commercial for the 300ZX. Watch it above.

As a segue into our second segment, John Neff offered the example of a 1998 Toyota Tacoma with the V6 and manual gearbox that sold at auction for $17,000. We found other examples of over-priced used vehicles. For example, there was a VW GTI and Subaru Outback that were a few years old selling for nearly as much or more than new examples.

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