Recent spy shots show that the next-gen Honda CR-V adopts a more chiseled appearance that replaces the smooth lines from the current model. With these photos in mind, our artist stripped away the camo to imagine how crossover might look when it arrives in showrooms.

The most obvious change for the new CR-V is the overhauled front end. It has a blunter nose that makes the crossover appear tougher. When viewed from the front, there's a big, trapezoidal grille that gets wider at the top. There are narrower headlights that have an angled orientation in the corners. A skinny piece of trim runs between the lamps just underneath the hood.

The vehicle's flanks have simple styling that evokes the latest Passport and Pilot. There's a distinct crease that runs along the shoulder line. The window between the C- and D-pillars has an upward kink at the bottom edge, which is a common design element for Honda's crossovers.

While not visible in this rendering, the spy shots offered a view of the back of the CR-V. Like the front, there's a more chiseled shape. The rear window has a steeper angle, which makes the tail look sharper. The taillights have a pointier appearance, too.

Overall, the new CR-V's footprint seems larger, which should translate to more room on the inside. This makes room for the US-exclusive version of the next-gen HR-V to grow bigger, too. Honda wants to increase production of the smaller crossover.

It's not entirely clear when the new CR-V might arrive. The best info currently suggests it would debut in 2022 and go on sale in 2023. If this is the case, then there should be plenty more spy shots coming before the unveiling. The current model received an update for the 2020 model year, which should keep it fresh on the market until the new one arrives.

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