Next week, Lexus will reveal a new concept car that will signal its shift toward electrification. Details are scarce, and we’ve so far only seen a handful of teasers that have shown off the exterior. But the company’s teaser campaign continues, with a new Facebook video giving us our first glimpse at a futuristic interior.

What makes it futurist is the steering yoke that looks strikingly similar to the one Tesla showed off earlier this year in its restyled Model S. It’s unclear if Lexus plans to take that design all the way to production, though it’d be a bold move if it did, though that’s highly unlikely. The teaser video is short, showing off the concept’s all-electric platform, which appears to have two electric motors (one on the front axle and one on the rear), with the battery pack in the floor.


The teaser also shows a brief outline of the interior, revealing a four-seat configuration. The final shot is of a person driving the car and turning the steering yoke as light pulsates up the driver’s arm to represent electricity coursing through his body. All the while, the voiceover says, “Many wonder what the future will look like, but few ask how it will feel.” Lexus will give us an answer on March 30 when it plans to reveal the new concept.

We know the concept will sport Lexus’ Direct4 drivetrain designed for both electric vehicles and hybrids while giving it all-wheel-drive capabilities. In the hybrid layout, a gas engine is expected to power the front while an electric motor propels the rear. The car’s exterior design features chunky overhangs that give away the car’s openness to a variety of powertrains. The exterior styling looks bold, and the interior appears as if it’ll follow suit. We can’t wait to learn more in a few days.   

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