2018 Lexus RX L First Drive: More To Love

– Phoenix, Arizona

The Lexus RX is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Often credited as bringing the luxury SUV to the masses, it has evolved over the past two decades, growing to become even more performance-oriented with the addition of the F Sport trim, even more efficient with the optional hybrid powertrain – and now, even more spacious with the arrival of the three-row RX L.

With an extra 4.3 inches added to the body, the RX L provides even more usability to the already roomy SUV. Configurable in either six- or seven-passenger seating, the RX L is a welcome addition to a range that’s already impressively equipped, and a segment that’s becoming even more flooded with three-row offerings. After spending time with it on the highways and many parking lots on the outskirts of Phoenix, it’s easy to see why Lexus has added it to the range.

2018 Lexus RX L: First Drive

Even Lexus admits that the row furthest back isn’t intended for two full-size adults.

Inspecting the RX L from the outside, you probably won’t even notice anything has changed (apart from the barely noticeable “L” badge on the rear). There’s a bit of extra bodywork on the backside, and the roofline is angled slightly more towards the sky, but overall, the design remains just as sharp and luxurious as the standard model. All told, the body stretches out 4.3 inches longer than the regular two-row version, but it’s not until you jump into the cabin that you notice the change in size.

Lexus offers both six- and seven-passenger seating...