2018 Lexus NX Driving Notes: Same Old Lexus

The compact crossover market remains the most important in the industry, as customers continue to clamber for high-riding wagons. And especially among the premium ranks, competition is fierce. For newer entries like the Infiniti QX50 and Acura RDX, the going is easy, as they're still new and interesting.

For an aging example like the Lexus NX, a refresh is the key to keeping consumers interested. But the updates for model year 2018 are mild. The turbocharged NX 200t morphed into the NX 300, while Lexus opted to leave more substantial changes on the drawing board. Parked alongside last year’s model, it’d be tough to notice a difference between the two cars.

Meanwhile, the changes that really need to happen haven’t. Lexus’ infuriating infotainment system remains, and was the main point of ire among the Motor1.com staff. That said, after spending a week with the turbocharged NX in Detroit and Cleveland and another week with the hybrid model in Miami, the team found the NX a comfortable, composed CUV that fits neatly into the Lexus family.

2019 Lexus NX200t: Driving Notes

John Neff, Editor-In-Chief

Favorite Thing: Generally competent driving experience
Least Favorite Thing: Lexus’ terrible infotainment

Like all Lexus products, the NX 300 wears the automaker's hyperbolic design language, and to be honest, it do...