2018 Lexus LX Two-Row First Drive: So Much Room For Activities

– Phoenix, Arizona

Riding on a truck platform and wielding a large V8 engine, the Lexus LX 570 is the epitome of an old-school, full-size SUV. It’s been on the market since 1996, and in its current form since 2008. Now 10 years out from its most significant update, the LX is getting an option that has never been offered before: two rows.

Though it may seem counterproductive – most SUVs are adding seats (i.e. Lexus’s own RX L) – the LX is doing away with them in the name of storage. No longer is the large Lexus able to lug around eight passengers in this trim. Instead, it has room for five, and a whole lot of space for cargo. And I mean a whole lot.

The removal of the backseat adds an extra 5.8 cubic feet of space over the standard three-row model; the two-row LX 570 has 50.5 cubic feet of carrying space behind the second row compared to 44.7 cubes in the three-row model (for reference, the Lexus RX has just 18.4 cubic feet behind the second row). It’s easily one of the largest-looking cargo holds in any SUV, and it has the ability to squeeze in things like bikes, golf bags, and large luggage all at once. Heck, if you were so inclined, two shorter people could theoretically camp out back there with it completely empty.

2018 Lexus LX Two-Row: First Drive
2018 Lexus LX Two-Row: First Drive

Apart from all that additional space, the rest of the interior gains little in the way of updates – but it’s still a nice place to be. The seats are cozy, there’s plenty of driver and passenger legroom, even for my six-foot frame, and soft, supple leather an...