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Audi has filed applications to trademark several nameplates which could indicate the company's plans for future models.

Yesterday we found out about Ford's plans to register the "Model E" nameplate and now we got news from Audi about their intentions to own several monikers. First up is the "SQ2" which can only represent a high-performance version of the Q2, following the same philosophy as the SQ5. It's the same story with the "SQ4" moniker which will represent a more powerful derivative of the Q4.

Up next is the "Q9" designation which indicates Audi plans a range-topping SUV model to sit above the Q7. Lastly, the "f-tron" trademark application hints at a fuel-cell production car due sometime in the distant future and could have something to do with the rumored A7 Fuel Cell Vehicle.

Note: Audi Crosslane Coupe pictured

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