2018 Audi A7 First Drive: Pretty, Functional, Pretty Functional

Editor’s Note: Our colleagues at Motor1-UK got the first crack at the new Audi A7, so this review is of a Euro-spec car. We’ll have a full test of the U.S.-spec version as soon as we can.

A new Audi A7 means a new take on looking good and being comfortable while doing it. The latest model offers fresh looks, a new take on Audi’s MMI infotainment interface, and some seriously flashy light graphics. Will that be enough to woo buyers from other (most likely German) cars?


First impressions

Audi’s answer to the BMW 6 Series and Mercedes-Benz CLS, the A7, added some style-forward luxocoupe-ery to a small but hotly contested segment when it launched back in the days before diesel was a dirty word. While it had all the familiar Audi design cues, its hatchback rear end sloped dramatically downward, creating either a slightly more practical sedan or a slightly less practical wagon. Whatever your thoughts on that are, it was a pretty thing.

2018 Audi A7 Sportback

Looking good is important to some people – they want to be seen to have the best taste, the shiniest toys, and the best life, but it has to fit in with their actual life. That’s what the 2018 A7 is all about: looking good, but fitting around your life. It looks good from pretty much every angle (bar the rear three-quarter, which just looks… odd) so long as you keep its spoiler retracted, that is. It’s the kind of car you see on...