2017 Audi RS7 Review: The only car you’ll ever need

– Detroit, Michigan

“More, more, more!” That’s all I can imagine some Audi executive shouting at assembled engineers when the decision was made to create this new RS7 Performance. After all, there’s no rational reason to improve upon the fabulous, 560-horsepower Audi RS7. But I’m not going to say no to an extra 45 hp, larger brakes, and a 3.6-second 0-60 time.

Oh, screw rationality. This car is brilliant.



Goes like hell. I remember driving the 450-hp Audi S7 a few years ago and thinking it was perfect as-is. Then I drove the 560-hp RS7, and was like, ooookay, this is pretty nice. But this 605-hp RS7? Well… excuse me while I change my pants. This car is tremendously powerful, and is unrelenting in its delivery. It’s not just about the 605 hp, there’s also the brute force of 516 pound-feet of torque – or as much as 553 lb-ft in overboost situations – pushing you forward with brutal momentum. It’s intoxicating. Drunk with power, indeed.

A true beauty queen. Remember when the A7 first came out and we all fell to our knees because it was so pretty? I still feel that way about this car, especially so in its most aggressive RS7 state. The black exterior and blacked-out elements of this car let you focus on that flowing shape and elegant design. It’s both sporty and classy at the same time – a car that looks great during track-attack duty, but will still make your neighbors hella jealous.

Does everything well. I could gush and gush about this car forever, simply because it’s s...