2018 Audi A5 Review: Getting Pretty Close To Faultless

– Detroit, Michigan

It’s easy for coupes in this segment to veer too far to either end of the sportiness-luxuriousness spectrum. Where some of its rivals can be too aggressive or too plush, the new Audi A5 manages to dish up equal servings of both characteristics. It never punishes over rough terrain, nor does it disappoint when I dial up the tempo on the way home from the airport. Ultimately, the A5 just does exactly what I want, when I want, with no fuss. It is, like every A5 I’ve driven before it, a terrifically well-rounded machine.




Sharp design. The new Audi A5 looks great – ignore the haters who say it’s too similar to the outgoing model. Sharp creases tidily break up the curvy bodywork, and there’s a very modern, purposeful stance to this car from all directions. My favorite of the three German coupes in this segment, the Audi is at the same time more handsome than the BMW 4 Series, while also more expressive than the beautiful-but-conservative Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

Sleek interior. The same goes for the inside, where I appreciate that the Audi’s cabin is stylish yet uncomplicated. It manages to look very premium, with nice wood and chrome trim pieces, while not distracting from the task of actually using the car. Every switch, button, and display you need is easy to reach and simple to use. There’s no technology overload here, even though there are plenty of high-tech features on board.

First-rate technology. Audi not only puts lots of infotainment technolog...