One of the main talking points when the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 debuted was its price. A mid-engine supercar that starts at just below $60,000 is really something that deserves our attention but let’s not forget that if you tick most of the boxes in the options list, you’ll end up paying significantly more. In fact, the last time we played with the Corvette’s online configurator, we maxed it out at $113,955 for a car that has the $5,000 Z51 Performance Package and the $4,850 Grounds Effect Kit.

A new video from Chevy Dude on YouTube gives us more details about some of the options his car has as a reference to what’s available from the factory. We went through all the options in a post from August last year but this clip shows some of the rarest features. 

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The window sticker of his white C8 reads $96,160 but that’s before some of the more expensive extras, including the Ground Effect Kit and a set of $1,800 Michelin tires. When all the additional equipment is added to the price, it grows to $104,560 but that’s before the state’s sales tax, which is seven percent. The final price of the car is $111,879.

Obviously, we don’t have data from all sold Corvettes but this one could very well be the most expensive C8 sold to date. It’s definitely cheaper than the ‘Vette Silicon Auto Group is trying to sell for “just” $159,880. Admittedly, it’s a well-optioned 3LT which should put the MSRP around $85,000 or a markup in the neighborhood of $75,000 but not even close to the specification of Chevy Dude’s car.

If a sub-$60,000 Corvette is what you are looking for, better hurry up as the base price of the 2021 model year will reportedly go up by at least $1,500. That’s a bit disappointing, for sure, but it probably won’t ruin the car’s performance bargain status.

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