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BMW has lots of ideas for revising their naming scheme, but none of them are without their drawbacks.

According to a report by Car & Driver, BMW is now considering re-naming all sport coupe variants of the next-generation 3-Series into the 4-Series, as the brand already does with the 6-Series coupe, which is based on the 5-Series architecture, and the X6 SUV Coupe, based on the X5.

Sounds like a good idea but what about the iconic M3?

What are they going to do, call the M3 sedan an M3 while re-naming the M3 Coupe the M4? Not likely.

The report states that the M3 will remain the same. So, there will be a 4-Series coupe but the equivalent M-badged variant will be the M3?

BMW will likely have to come up with something that makes more sense.

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