British racing and sports car builder Ginetta has introduced its newest car, the Ginetta G40.  The 850-kilogram car uses a 1.8-liter Zetec engine from Ford that typically produces about 150 horsepower.

However, the engine was reportedly modified, and the exact specs were not released by Ginetta.

Introduced at Autosport International in Birmingham, England, the G40 is optimized for racing.  It has crash zones at the front and back, side impact bars, and a roll cage the company claims is "50 times stronger than minimum 2009 FIA homologation regulations."

"We debuted both the G50 and the G50Z at the exhibition and I'm delighted that Autosport visitors have had the first ever glimpse of Ginetta's stunning new car," said Ginetta chair Lawrence Tomlinson.  "The G40 is the most versatile road and race car on the market today - with safety features that exceed all FIA regulations."

The Ginetta G40 will be produced in an initial run of 26 units.  The car will retail for £24,950.

Gallery: Ginetta G40 Debuts at Autosport International

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