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RDSport has a history of tuning BMW cars going back over 25 years. What they have done to this M3, dubbed the RS46, is a culmination of those years' experience.

"The RS46 is truly the motor that BMW should have installed in the M3 in the first place" says the official statement. Bold claims indeed but it seems there is some real backup for it. So confident is RDSport that they say the car's engine internals could withstand the rigours of Formula One.

Delving a little bit into the figures we see that the standard 4.0-litre V8 has been reworked to include larger aluminium pistons, forged, billet connecting rods and a new billet crankshaft with a longer stroke. Put together these changes result in a new 4.6-litre, 391kW (524bhp) tyre shredder with 556Nm (410 lb-ft) of torque. Performance figures were not supplied.

The chassis is enhanced by using specially-valved Bilstein shocks and RDSport Springs. The front is lowered by some 30mm while the rear goes down by 25mm.

Differentiating kit includes a carbon/Kevlar RDSport front bumper, a carbon fibre meshed rear diffuser, and factory-PDC-compatible aero bits. The interior is highly customisable to suit any customer's needs.


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