Now you can control your truck through your voice.

Mercedes-Benz is confident it is “the first truck manufacture to bring the Apple CarPlay infotainment system into its vehicles.” While this might be technically true, Scania is also introducing the technology for its truck, claiming it’s “among the first in the industry” to do it.

The German company says the connectivity will be offered for the Actros, Antos, and Arocs models equipped with the Multimedia Radio Touch radio system. Apple CarPlay will allow the driver to “safely and conveniently use his iPhone and a variety of apps while on the move.” Android users will probably be happy to hear the system also works with MirrorLink, the counterpart to Apple CarPlay.

Daimler Apple CarPlay for trucks
Daimler Apple CarPlay for trucks

Just like in most of the modern cars, the system can be operated through an advanced voice control function, which also can be used to browse and use the different applications, such as telephone, music, maps, news, iTunes, etc.

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Naturally, Scania’s system will be identical and will be available for customers who have a Scania Infotainment System with a seven-inch touch screen and the Voice Control Option. Devices from Apple with iOS 7 or higher can be paired via USB cable to the infotainment system of the truck, giving access to Siri voice controls, as well as Apple Maps, Apple Music, Phone, Messages, and a variety of third party apps. The Apple CarPlay support will be introduced in June 2017 and earlier versions of the infotainment system can be updated, if they have voice recognition.

So, what’s the next step – self-driving functions in trucks?

Source: Daimler and Scania via AppleNewsToday

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