It's podcast time! This week we are rambling about early debuts for the LA Auto Show, more catastrophic engine failures, and a supremely expensive classic Ferrari. To offset the sticker shock of an eight-figure car, we have what could be our toughest cheap car challenge in the history of the show. As always, we're live at 7:30 PM on Motor1's socials, where you can chat with us in real-time.

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Gallery: 2025 Toyota Crown Signia

Technically speaking, the 2023 LA Auto Show opens to the public on November 17. But automakers are launching debuts right now. Possibly the biggest debut could be from Toyota, launching the new Crown Signia SUV and next-generation Camry. While it might be a next-gen car, the bones beneath the skin are mostly the same. There are some other big changes for the popular four-door, however, and we will walk you through them all.

Gallery: 2025 Toyota Camry

We will also walk through a Chevrolet 3.0-liter Duramax diesel engine that is well and truly destroyed. Back by popular demand, we peruse another engine teardown that doesn't look too bad at first, then goes to the other side of hell once the head comes off. Some pistons are designed to have indents to clear valves. This isn't one of them.

In the Ferrari world, there's a new king of the auctions and yes, it's another 250 GTO. It didn't reach nine-figure territory like the Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe did in 2022, but at $51.7 million, this special 1962 model is officially the most expensive Ferrari to sell at a public auction. Finally, to make sure equilibrium is maintained throughout the universe, we will embark on a cheap car challenge to find a fun Toyota Camry. Going cheap certainly isn't a problem here, but fun? We have our work cut out for us this time.

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